TotalObserver is
Asset Management software
Helps employees to accomplish daily tasks efficiently.
Helps the owners to automate and manage processes.
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Boosted Performance

A small team can process a thorough job with automation using TotalObserver. The focus is moved towards control and analysis, and the capacity of the organization improves dramatically.
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Finances under control

The use of assets generates both incomes and expenses. TotalObserver treats with the same care invoicing and collecting, as well as budgeting and expenses tracking. The real-time analytics are available in order to help the optimization of the cash-flow.
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Assets always available

Buildings and equipment have to be maintained in a proper way. No matter the size of the team, or is it internal or external, TotalObserver enables easy job planning and dispatching, with real-time notifications.

15Years of Experience

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What our users say about TotalObserver?

Off-the-shelf versions for different industries will satisfy even the most demanding organizations.
However, if you need a connection with the legacy software or with some equipment; process customization, or some custom development; we are at your disposal!

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