About us

We help organizations to automate asset management activities and to boost the performance

We are inspired by the problems of asset owners and management companies. Being part of the process in 50+ organizations gives us an opportunity to design features that will help real users in their everyday challenges.

Our Approach
We work alongside our users. We analyze their challenges and search for the proper solution. We together peel more layers of the onion off until arriving at some simple and elegant solution.
Main characteristics of our team
We are in love with the problems of our users. They represent the main source of inspiration for our work. By thoroughly analyzing our user's problems, we try to stay on top of them.
Our Goals
We help organizations to automate asset management activities and to boost their performance. TotalObserver helps employees to easily accomplish daily tasks. Moreover, it provides the owners and managers with the critical indicators for proper decision making.

Sometimes it is hard to find a solution. It is always hard to find a simple solution.

Data Protection

Data is the property of our users, and data security is our top priority. We put a lot of effort to ensure that information is treated and used correctly.

Custom Solution

Each client is a separate story and requires a dedicated approach. We are flexible and open-minded, ready to learn and apply new best practices.

We are Certified

TotalObserver works according to the internationally accepted standards ISO9001:2018 and ISO27000.

We are lifelong learners

Our users love us because we listen to them. Together we search for excellence and then put it in our software.
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