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TotalObserver Construction

Software for automating the process of construction tracking and apartment selling.
Everything in one place, from plans to invoices!

years of experience with residential projects

We help construction companies to plan construction and track the realization in the field, to automate the invoicing of sold apartments and manage the collection. By using TotalObserver, management gets a powerful tool for easier work overview and decision making, while employees get a tool for efficient realization of daily tasks. This all leads to a reduction in construction costs and an increase in profit margin.

Transparency of the process and tracking of realization in real time, enables the control of work of both internal and external contractors, monitoring of used resources and prevention of possible delays and embezzlement.


of sold apartments, retail units, storages and parkings


built or under construction

Selling units

placed on the market

Key Benefits

Construction monitoring in real time

Based on the plan created in the software, the project manager has an insight into the level of construction realization at all times. The plan is a powerful tool that provides information on what construction stage has been reached, which positions are currently in progress, what activities have been carried out so far and how much material has been used. Based on this information, it is possible to predict potential problems and deviations in certain stages, which enables reacting in a timely manner.

Tracking of used resources

TotalObserver makes it easy to enter and track all the resources used in the construction process. At any time, it is possible to see the correlation between the planned and the actually used. In this way, it is possible to maximize the use of resources, prevent potential embezzlements and losses during the process itself. With the right insight into the manner of spending funds, experience is gained which makes planning of future projects and investments more efficient.

Invoicing automation

TotalObserver enables the entry of invoicing dynamics related to the construction phases (milestones), as well as according to the conditions agreed with the client (installments). The system takes further care of the invoicing automation for contracted services, notifies about reached milestones and installments and issues invoices. Automatic processing of bank statements enables simple and fast payment allocation, which gives real time insight into the debt state and structure. Employees save a lot of time, reduce the possibility of work errors or oversights, and management has full control over the process.

Software number 1 in Southeast Europe

Establish a work process, focus process participants, define and automate their activities, and optimize team size. TotalObserver is the No. 1 asset management software in Southeast Europe.


TotalObserver has a wide range of features that make your business run smoothly.

Construction planning

TotalObserver enables the creation of a detailed construction plan, which serves as a basis for implementing the activities in the construction of objects. The plan contains information on all stages in the construction of an object, elaborated by specific items that need to be implemented, along with planned activities, materials and deadlines.

Realization tracking

In addition to the planned activities, the plan also contains information about the realized implementation, as well as the activities that are currently in progress, in real time. The plan displays the achieved level of construction, as well as the complete history of activities and the amount of material used.

Document management

Integrated document management is a place to leave scanned or generated documents, logically linked to contracts, projects, assets, equipment, etc. Finding the required document and sharing it with team members or clients is quick and easy, with full privilege control.

Cost tracking

Tracking the spending of financial resources is of great importance, because it has a direct impact on profitability. TotalObserver allows you to enter costs, approve their payments and track actual payments. Expenses are categorized, linked to assets, expense contracts or work orders, and allocated to budget items.

Asset inventory

Asset inventory is the central place where the topology of the objects is entered and maintained: floors, spaces, equipment, installations, etc. The quantity of area (square footage) from the asset inventory is used for sale and invoicing.


Budget is the basis for income and cost planning. The software allows easy planning of revenue and expenditure side in the upcoming period, sorted by different categories. The system further automatically monitors the realization on the basis of issued invoices and entered costs and automatically calculates the deviation from the planned.


Contracts are the starting point for invoicing automation. TotalObserver enables entering critical data that impact the process like selling units, payment dynamics (installment amounts and dates), payment instructions, deposits, etc.


TotalObserver automates invoicing using the data stored in contracts. All the documents are easily accessible and traceable, can be sent to clients by email or printed in a batch.

Collection tracking and bank statement allocation

Automatic processing of bank statements enables easy and fast allocation of payments to debts and expenses. For each payment the date of payment and exchange rate used in allocation are tracked and all data can be viewed in reports in real time, which offers insight into debt state and structure.

Issuing of the final invoice

TotalObserver automatically collects all information from contracts, selling units, installments, paid amounts and issued advance invoices and processes them, in order to form a clear final invoice. This final invoice is issued to the client together with the fiscal invoice, the number of which is also entered and displayed on the final invoice.

Exchange rates

Multi-currency work involves contracts in one currency and documents and payments in another currency. Continuous conversion and equalization of values by different currencies are automated in TotalObserver: the software pulls the exchange rate of the selected bank and adjusts all amounts according to a predefined scheme.

Group printing and sending

Printing financial documents is a demanding job. In addition to the ability to deliver documents electronically, via email, TotalObserver also allows group processing (control and printing) of all documents in a fast and secure way. It saves information whether the document was printed or sent, which speeds up this job many times over, while reducing the space for error.

Issuing of certificates

The final invoice is often accompanied by certificates, which are necessary for the client to complete the purchase of the real estate within the competent institutions. The software enables quick and easy issuance of certificates for the bank, cadastre or tax administration in a predefined form, using existing data from the system.


Let nothing be forgotten! TotalObserver informs the user about significant events through various forms of notifications and thus focuses him on his activities. Whether it is a warranty expiration, payment deadline overdue or contract expiration, the software will remind you on time that some action is needed!


Reports in TotalObserver provide a detailed analysis of operational and strategic business indicators. For operatives, the reports provide a real-time state of events in detail or in summary. They provide managers with a set of tools necessary for the decision-making and strategic positioning of the company.

What do our users say about TotalObserver?

Off-the-shelf versions for different industries will satisfy even the most demanding organizations.

However, if you need a connection with the legacy software or with some equipment, process customization, or some custom development; we are at your disposal!.

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