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TotalObserver Shopping Mall

Software for leasing automation.
We help investors and employees to efficiently manage the shopping center.

years of experience in shopping mall bussiness

Software for leasing and asset management automation. We help the investors to organize and automate processes and run the stress-free business.


managed in m² (GLA)




issued monthly

Key Benefits

Automated invoicing

TotalObserver provides features for automation of invoicing (rent, maintenance, marketing), recharging of costs, turnover fee invoicing, price indexation, and many other tasks associated with daily activities. Thanks to the advanced automation engine, the performance of employees is dramatically boosted, the number of errors is decreased, and management has full insight into the process in real-time.

Collecting and debts control

Automated processing of bank statements enables easy payment allocation and tracking of debts. Since TotalObserver supports multiple currencies, it is possible to track the debt in local and the default currency. Software is generating and sending the standard warning letters in an automated way.
With TotalObserver, employees get a powerful tool, while management gets a fully transparent and controllable process.

Decisions made based on key performance indicators

Both the incomes and expenses are estimated in the budget. The system is tracking the realization of both sides and calculates deviation. The specialized reports like Occupancy, Rent-roll, Tenant list, Debts aging, Performance YOY, provide the real-time insight of performance. These outcomes are an excellent starting point for decision making.

The number 1 leasing management software in Southeast Europe

During the integration of the TotalObserver software, our team will share the best practices and help you establish the process.
We have more than 12 years of experience in the industry. We will help your team to have a clear focus on results, automate the process, and to optimize the roles within the organization.


TotalObserver has a wide range of features that make your business run smoothly.


Contracts are the starting point for invoicing automation. TotalObserver enables entering critical data like dates, invoicing intervals, price changes, rent-free periods, discounts, indexes, turnover fees, guarantees, deposits, etc.


TotalObserver automates invoicing using the data stored in contracts. All the documents are easily accessible and traceable, can be sent to clients by email or printed in a batch.

Collection tracking and bank statement allocation

Automatic processing of bank statements enables easy and fast allocation of payments to debts and expenses. For each payment the date of payment and exchange rate used in allocation are tracked and all data can be viewed in reports in real time, which offers insight into debt state and structure.

Exchange rates

Multi-currency work involves contracts in one currency and documents and payments in another currency. Continuous conversion and equalization of values by different currencies are automated in TotalObserver: the software pulls the exchange rate of the selected bank and adjusts all amounts according to a predefined scheme.

Debt warnings

Based on the debts which have exceeded their deadlines, the software automatically generates debt reminders and warnings, which are further printed or sent to the tenants electronically. TotalObserver automates the warning process and helps shorten the collection period.

Price list and indexation

A price list is a place where the dynamics of the price changes the years ahead can be defined and the complete history of price changes from the beginning of the contract is kept. The price list is linked to the index and based on it, the software further applies the percentage of the index, calculates and generates the appropriate debts.

Recharging of costs

TotalObserver allows entering the data for utility costs such as electricity, water, gas, telephone, etc. The data is processed in batch according to a predefined rule template and distributed to clients in appropriate amounts, for which invoices are issued. This significantly shortens the data processing time and reduces the margin for errors.

Charges based on turnover

The turnover fee terms (percentage, method of calculation, invoicing period) are entered into the contract. Each month, clients deliver their turnovers that are entered into the system. Based on the entered turnover and contractual conditions, the software automatically calculates whether the client should be additionally charged and in what amount, and prepares invoices.

Group printing and sending

Printing financial documents is a demanding job. In addition to the ability to deliver documents electronically, via email, TotalObserver also allows group processing (control and printing) of all documents in a fast and secure way. It saves information whether the document was printed or sent, which speeds up this job many times over, while reducing the space for error.

Maintenance management

Properly and regularly maintained asset has a longer lifespan and brings the higher income. TotalObserver puts on disposal a range of tools and strategies for entering assets within an object, organizing internal and external maintenance by creating a maintenance plan, receiving corrective requests, and distributing work orders.

Cost tracking

Tracking the spending of financial resources is of great importance, because it has a direct impact on profitability. TotalObserver allows you to enter costs, approve their payments and track actual payments. Expenses are categorized, linked to assets, expense contracts or work orders, and allocated to budget items.


Budget is the basis for income and cost planning. The software allows easy planning of revenue and expenditure side in the upcoming period, sorted by different categories. The system further automatically monitors the realization on the basis of issued invoices and entered costs and automatically calculates the deviation from the planned.

Document management

Integrated document management is a place to leave scanned or generated documents, logically linked to contracts, projects, assets, equipment, etc. Finding the required document and sharing it with team members or tenants is quick and easy, with full privilege control.


Let nothing be forgotten! TotalObserver informs the user about significant events through various forms of notifications and thus focuses him on his activities. Whether it is a warranty expiration, payment deadline overdue or contract expiration, the software will remind you on time that some action is needed!


Reports in TotalObserver provide a detailed analysis of operational and strategic business indicators. For operatives, the reports provide a real-time state of events in detail or in summary. They provide managers with a set of tools necessary for the decision-making and strategic positioning of the company.

What do our users say about TotalObserver?

Off-the-shelf versions for different industries will satisfy even the most demanding organizations.

However, if you need a connection with the legacy software or with some equipment, process customization, or some custom development; we are at your disposal!.

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