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Billing automation for residential areas

Invoicing automation software.
We help facility management companies automate invoice generation and billing tracking.

By using TotalObserver, the billing and billing tracking process is fully automated. Employee attention shifts from manual account generation to control and analysis, resulting in higher business quality and better business results. The reports give a clear picture of the collection and enable the planning of income for the next period.

Invoicing and monitoring the payment for residential buildings is a very demanding job because it involves a large number of contracts. It is necessary to generate and distribute hundreds or thousands of invoices to the addresses of the tenants every month. A special challenge is posting payments and tracking debts for each user individually, with no room for error.


Automatic statement processing enables a clear distribution of payments by documents and billing tracking.

Automated calculation of debts for the current month, as well as monitoring of debts for the previous period.

Preparation for printing large quantities of invoices, export in a suitable formats for printing documents and envelopes.

Group issuance of documents: after controlling the generated debits, it is possible to generate a large number of invoices with one click.

Off-the-shelf versions for different industries will satisfy even the most demanding organizations.

However, if you need a connection with the legacy software or with some equipment, process customization, or some custom development; we are at your disposal!.

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